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Attorney Senentz Attends Review of Economic Outlook 2016 Seminar

By: Peggy Senentz on Oct 10, 2016

Many times clients express high concerns of market volatility and reactive tendencies during a presidential election year and how these election and market events will impact their estate planning. These fears are further fueled by the non stop coverage of the campaigns for our Presidential candidates and can often time create a feeling of worry and uncertainty as the United States prepares for change in the Office of the President of the United States. A common concern shared with me as an estate planning attorney are questions on how any change of leadership may affect the calculation of the Federal Estate Tax. Attorney Senentz values her commitment to providing to clients the most recent projection of the economic trends and review of the legislative trends which historically have accompanied presidential election cycles. Change is usually unsettling for anyone but the creation and development of well thought out plan, both for estate planning and investment strategies, can assist to minimize the risk to clients in the ever volatile presidential election year. Attorney Senentz and all our attorneys at Clarie Law Offices are available to review your current estate plan and also to provide assistance to you to develop strategies to best protect your legacy to your heirs. Remember, election ads are meant to make you react with emotion and motivate you to choose a side, a well thought out estate plan is designed to bring you peace of mind and comfort. I will vote for the estate plan anytime.