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Attorney Senentz Lectures at “Family Law… What Do You Do When”..? Educational Seminar

By: Peggy Senentz on Jan 1, 2017

On January 19, 2017, Attorney Senentz spoke in Tampa, FL at the " 2017 Family Law... What Do You Do When....? " Seminar hosted by NBI, Inc. She presented two programs with one entitled "To Navigate Through Tough Adoption Situations and Assisted Reproductive Technology Situations" and on the topic of "When Parental and Third Party Rights are Disputed". In most cases, parental rights are constitutionally protected rights and her presentations focused upon the treatment of these constitutional rights in termination of parental rights proceedings, both in voluntarily and involuntarily actions. Attorney Senentz reviewed complex adoption situations including Adoption Interventions and Second Parent Adoptions as examples of the application of constitutional principles in action under Florida case law.