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P.E.A.C.E.: Family Law

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Whether your divorce is high conflict for one of harmony, the judge assigned to your case in family law court will apply “P.E.A.C.E. acronym to your family and it’s time of reorganization. Outlined below are the translated letters and an explanation of how the court will analyze your case under Florida law.

“P”-Parenting Plan

Florida law has detailed statutory provisions in which a court orders a parenting plan which governs timesharing for the minor children whose parents are either divorcing or have divorced and are now needing to revise the court ordered parenting plan.

“E”-Equitable Distribution

equitable distribution or what is known as “E D” is the method of division the court uses to divide marital assets and liabilities. The definition of marital asset or assets which are acquired during or appreciate during the time you were married. In summary, the court will have the parties disclose all assets, identify those which are marital and then applying the formula of equitable distribution divide those assets between the parties. While E D sounds straightforward, Florida law contains detailed provisions which govern the treatment and application of ED.


usually the word alimony does not require great explanation and for some is a word that creates much fear. Alimony is a tool used by the courts as defined under Florida statute which requires one spouse to to make financial payments to their former spouse. These payments may be short-term, long-term or even made for a specific purpose but the goal of these payments is to help the former spouse receives sufficient funding from the former spouse which enables him or her to achieve financial stability.

“C”-Child Support”

child support is governed by Florida law and is a calculation in which an amount is determined to be paid by one parent to the other for the care of the child. There are several factors which are used to calculate child support including the amount of time each parent has, expenses paid by each parent and the income of each parent. While many cases do involve the calculation of court-ordered child support other cases do not have court-ordered child support and each case should be analyzed based upon the specific facts and circumstances of the family.

“E”-Everything Else”

Once the court has determined the parties parenting plan, equitable distribution, alimony, and child support, the court then covers anything else that would need to be resolved so the family may move forward with their dissolution or post dissolution action.

P. E. A. C. E. Is a important guiding acronym in family law cases. Some families may not have involvement with all the categories of. P.E.A.C.E. and instead may only use a few of the letters. However, it is very helpful to have a good understanding of all the letters of the acronym when you are a party in a family law case.

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