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Formal Estate Administration

Formal Estate Administration

Formal Administration is an another type of legal proceeding used to transfer assets owned by a decedent to his or heir heirs. Our attorneys can identify if your family requires a full administration and if so, prepare and secure the required pleadings to transfer ownership of the decedent’s assets and in accordance with Florida law. The word “probate” is sometimes perceived as a costly and lengthy process and while this is the perception, the actual “probate” process does not have to be excessively lengthy or overly expensive. The attorneys at Clarie Law Offices work with our clients to identify the assets of the decedent and also provide assistance with the identification and notification of the decedent’s creditors. Our attorneys also provide assistance with providing guidance with taxation questions which may arise as part of the transfer of the assets.

As to the administration of estate, trust, POA and guardianship accounts, we offer innovative services to represent clients who have been appointed to serve in those matters. In the handling of these accounts, we offer a computerized management system which includes access to the accounting and investment services of a local Trust Company. This unique system can provide a convenient and cost effective opportunity for our clients to direct the administration of an estate, trust, POA or guardianship they have been appointed to manage.

Estates issues may range from simple to complex but our attorneys and staff remain committed to providing legal guidance and recommendations which enable your estate administration to be undertaken efficiently and in full compliance with Florida Statute.

Our experienced probate and trust administration attorneys are available to help with all Florida probate and estate matters. Please feel free to contact our law office and let us know how we can assist you. Please call (813) 284-0687 or (727) 345-0041 or alternatively you can complete our inquiry form and we will promptly contact you.