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Florida Probate Litigation

florida litigationProbate litigation may arise for a variety of reasons. During the early stages of the process, interested parties and their Florida probate law firms have the opportunity to challenge the ability of the executor to represent the estate. Interested individuals may also challenge the validity of the will itself or of individual provisions. An individual may argue that the will was not properly executed, was executed under duress or undue influence, or was subsequently revoked by the signer.

The probate attorneys of Clarie Law Offices, P.A., have the litigation experience to effectively represent clients during will contests and other probate disputes. In many instances, we are able to reach a fair resolution without going to trial. However, we always stand ready to protect your rights in court if necessary.

Our experienced litigation attorneys work closely with clients to assess their defenses or potential claims related to the commercial, employment, professional, and personal dispute that is the subject of litigation. Contact our law office by calling us at (813) 284-0687 or (727) 345-0041 or alternatively you can complete our inquiry form and we will promptly contact you.