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Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

The question of whether a particular contractual relationship gives rise to fiduciary duties, and the nature and breadth of those fiduciary duties, depends on the specific facts of the case, and can be a complicated and uncertain analysis. An experienced business attorney can not only help you identify a potential claim for breach of fiduciary duty, but can help you marshal the facts and persuade a Court to rule in your favor.

If you feel you have been harmed in your business dealings, even if you think there was no breach of contract, don’t assume you have no remedies. If you had a reasonable expectation of loyalty and honesty, you may have a viable claim. We’re here to help! At Clarie Law Offices, P.A., our trusted business lawyers will help you determine your rights and work aggressively to protect those rights. Contact us for a free evaluation today!

Our experienced litigation attorneys work closely with clients to assess their defenses or potential claims related to the commercial, employment, professional, and personal dispute that is the subject of litigation. Contact our law office by calling us at (813) 284-0687 or (727) 345-0041 or alternatively you can complete our inquiry form and we will promptly contact you.