At this time due to a pandemic and a state of emergency declared in the State of Florida, we are not seeing clients in the office.  Instead, we are reviewing plans and meeting clients telephonically and then working with clients to execute documents in ways that comply with mandates of the State of Florida and the recent orders issued by the Florida Supreme Court.  Please reach out to the office and we will work with you to best arrange how to execute your documents based on public health directives at the time.  Our current options to execute documents are as follows: (1)   We are offering drive-in document signings.  You remain in your vehicle and we come to you at a safe distance and then execute the documents.  We provide the witnesses and notary services and follow several safety protocols to avoid any unnecessary spread of germs, including the use of hand sanitizer and not sharing writing pens. OR (2)   We can provide signing instructions to you at your home and you can arrange for your witnesses to be present.  We can call in during your signing to provide step-by-step instructions but your witnesses and you must be present in the same room.  The only documents requiring notarization are the Durable Power of Attorney and Quit Claim Deed and we have removed the notary jurat from other documents which normally have the jurat during this time.  The Florida Supreme Court has recently issued a Special Order on the notarization and we suggest that if you cannot locate a notary, a notary at our office may under this Order be able to notarize if there is an audio and visual means of having the notary present at the signing.  Many clients are finding their own notary if they elect to sign at home. TO HELP YOU EXECUTE YOUR DOCUMENTS AT HOME, CHECK OUT OUR POWERPOINT PRESENTATION WITH A VISUAL AID TO HELP YOU EXECUTE YOUR LEGAL DOCUMENTS AT HOME. Download PowerPoint Presentation – Click Here Download PDF Presentation – Click Here

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