Responding to the Fear of the COViD – 19 Virus

In light of the arrival of the COViD-19 virus to our community, many of our clients have reached out to either update or initiate estate planning. Preparing for the uncertainties of life is always beneficial and brings comfort in these times of uncertainty and protects your loved ones and you. During this time, Clarie Law Offices, P.A. remains open and uses a variety of means to service clients’ legal needs which are described on this website. However while estate planning is one good way to manage the uncertainty of the future, we have noticed that many of our clients are also experiencing great anxiety pertaining to the COViD 19 virus, and the quality of their lives is impacted. We recognize the value of our client’s mental health and are pleased to share a helpful resource created by Dr. Wendy Rice of Rice Psychology Group. We hope these resources and suggestions bring comfort to you to help manage the anxiety of this time. Be Well and Peace Be With You.

Managing Fear: Anxiety in the Age of COVID-19

By Dr. Wendy Rice

COVID-19 has been dominating the news headlines for months now. The spread of this virus is surely terrifying, and there are many people out there whose fears have been riddled with uncertainty. With so many talking heads on TV and people on social media sharing information, it can be hard deciding which methods are best to stay as safe as possible and prevent getting infected.

Are you unsure of what to do and who to listen to? Has this caused you a great amount of fear?

I’ve been feeling unsure about writing an article on this topic. I hate to add to the “noise” with which we are being inundated, but I also believe that, with the amount of anxiety most of us are experiencing, it might be helpful to hear something hopeful and useful.

First, we must remember that the decisions made recently by public officials and businesses to temporarily cancel, close, and postpone life as we know it is aimed at one goal: slowing down the spread of the virus to avoid overburdening our healthcare system that doesn’t have the infrastructure to handle a sudden surge of tens of thousands of cases at once.

This is called “flattening out the curve.” Continuing business as usual will only serve to spread the virus, so keep in mind that this is all being done as a safeguard for everyone, not as a response to panic. We encourage you to read more about “flattening out the curve” here. This is an article by Forbes Senior Contributor.

Second, we encourage you to read this week’s blog at, “COVID-19: What to Expect During a Period of Uncertainty and Potential Panic,” where we’ll be talking about managing anxiety in the wake of this virus, the fear that this virus has resulted in, and how to talk to your kids about it all. We’ve opted not to share medical information as that isn’t really in our wheelhouse, and it seems like everyone else is telling us to wash our hands and sing!

Our own Dr. Nikel Rogers-Wood also has just released a vlog about how to maintain social connections in the wake of the need to socially distance ourselves from others. Please click here for her video.

We’re Ready to Listen to You
Experiencing fear during this period of uncertainty is normal, but you needn’t ignore it. If you need to talk to us about your feelings or how to go about dealing with what’s happening in the world today, then we’re ready to listen. Contact us today in Tampa to set up your appointment. If things change, we’re ready to work via “telehealth” to be a resource regardless of what transpires.

All my best… Wendy

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